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Room Reservations

Before submitting this form, please call Club Paragon at

414-541-9270 to obtain your Reference Number.

We won't accept Booking Sheets without a Reference Number!

We are a full-service Bar/Restaurant; No carry in food is allowed except for a cake!  If you have already submitted your Booking Sheet and just need to enter payment information for the deposit, click the "Pay Deposit" button below.


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No. of Tables for seating:

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Customer will bring own:

 Plates, Napkins, Plasticware
 Gift table needed:
 Customer will decorate
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Type of Menu:

 Cocktail Party:
 Bar Menu:

The ONLY carry-in allowed is a cake!

The $125 room fee includes a Private Bartender with a minimum of 25 people and will stay in room throughout the party. A Bartender will not be scheduled for less than 25 guests or for daytime showers where the room charge is only $50. Special arrangements can be made for smaller parties if a bartender is desired.

Bar Service:
Main Bar Wait Staff:
No Extra Waitress Hours @ $10/hr:

Please check appropriate bar service for private room and main bar:

Select two beer choices for party room:

Beer Choice 1:
Beer Choice 2:
Host will run a tab for soda:
Host will run a tab for beer:
Dollar limit before 18% gratuity: $
Pitcher Price: $
Open Bar:
Open Bar No. Hours:
Cash Bar:
Cash Bar No. Hours:
Open Bar Dollar Limit before 17% gratuity:

Please choose the room you wish to reserve:

 Chameleon Room: $125
        Non-refundable Room Fee
        [Includes Bartender w/ a Minimum of 25 People]
 Chameleon Room: $50
        Non-refundable Room Fee
        [Does not include Bartender]
 Main Bar: No Fee

Any drinks purchased on a tab in the party room should be ordered in the party room not at the main bar. Wrist bands will be issued for I.D. purposes. I understand that Club Paragon does not allow male or female dancers of any kind in the Chameleon room. I understand that 50% of my food total will be due at the time of ordering and that it is non-refundable. (This down payment may be paid by cash, check, or credit card.) I also understand that no one under the age of 21 will be allowed in Club Paragon unless they are with a legal guardian. I agree to the terms of this agreement upon submission of this form and payment.

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